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Holosun 509T vs EPS MRS - Which MRS Enclosed Emitter Pistol Optic is Better?

Holosun 509T vs EPS MRS - Which MRS Enclosed Emitter Pistol Optic is Better?

In this article we’re going to compare the 509T to the EPS MRS. These are Holosun’s top of the line enclosed emitter pistol optics. They are similar in a way so the goal is to help you decide which you think is better for your situation. We’ll weigh in with our personal opinion as well.

509t vs EPS MRS Rear

The 509T is an enclosed emitter sight that’s been out for a little while now, the EPS MRS is also an enclosed emitter sight that has recently been released. Both optics have a lot of similarities and come at similar price points, so let's see which one might be a better fit for you.

*Note: This article covers the EPS MRS only. The EPS series comes in different versions which are cheaper. Cheaper models have only a 2 MOA or 6 MOA dot and don’t have a solar panel. View all EPS models here.

There is also the EPS Carry which is the “micro” version of the EPS, this article does not cover that optic.

Quick Facts

Dimensionally the optics are almost identical, the only difference is the 509T is taller due to it’s two piece clamp mounting design.

The 509T comes with an RMR adapter plate made out of steel. The optic itself then clamps onto this adapter plate.

509t mounting system

The EPS MRS will mount directly to a slide with a modified RMSc footprint, but also comes with an aluminum RMR adapter plate.

EPS mounting plate

Both optics have aftermarket support for adapting to various pistols (see below for mounting plates that are available for each)

  • Deck Height
    • Almost 1/2“ deck height with plate
    • Almost 3/8“ deck height without plate (but plate is required)
  • Available in Red or Green Reticles
  • MRS Reticle 
  • Shake Awake
  • Solar Failsafe
  • Titanium Housing
  • Brightness Settings: 10 DL & 2 NV 
  • Window Size 0.63x0.91
  • IP67 Waterproof and Fog Proof
  • Mounting Footprint: RMR by default, but can adapt to more
  • Weight: 2.3 oz/3.5oz with steel RMR plate (needed)
  • Adjustment per click: 1 MOA
  • Battery Type: CR1632
  • Battery Life: 50k hours
  • Price: $429.99 (Red Dot Version)
  • Price: $459.99 (Green Dot Version)


  • Deck height
    • Almost 3/8” with RMR plate (not required)
    • 1/4“ without adapter plate
  • Available in Red or Green Reticles
  • MRS Reticle 
  • Shake Awake
  • Solar Failsafe
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Brightness Settings: 8 DL & 4 NV 
  • Window Size 0.63x0.91
  • IPX8 Waterproof and Fog Proof
  • Mounting Footprint: Modified RMSc but comes with RMR Adapter plate (aluminum)
  • Weight: 1.3oz, 1.6 oz with RMR plate (if needed)
  • Adjustment per click: 1.5 MOA
  • Battery Type: CR1620
  • Battery Life: 50k hours
  • Price: $399.99 (Red Dot Version)
  • Price: $429.99 (Green Dot Version)
Buy the 509T At The Best Price Buy the EPS MRS At The Best Price

As we can see from the table above the optics are very similar. The EPS MRS is $30 cheaper than the 509T, but could spending the extra $30 be worth getting the 509T?

Advantages of the 509T

  • Titanium housing vs Aluminum on the EPS MRS - this gives the 509T superior drop protection
  • 1 MOA adjustment per click vs 1.5 MOA on the EPS MRS
  • 10 Daylight brightness settings vs 8 DL settings on the EPS MRS

    Advantages of the EPS MRS

    • $30 cheaper than the 509T
    • Significantly lower deck height: 1/4“ (EPS with no plate) vs 1/2“ (509T with plate)
    • Significantly lighter weight: 2.2 oz lighter! 1.4oz vs the 3.5 oz of the 509T + RMR plate
    • IPX8 waterproof rating vs the IP67 rating on the 509T (more on that below)
    • 4 Night Vision brightness settings vs 2 NV on the 509T

    Here are some helpful comparison pics, take note specifically of the much lower deck height on the EPS

    509t vs EPS MRS Rear

    509t vs EPS MRS Side

    509t vs EPS MRS Front

    509t vs EPS MRS with Plate Rear

    509t vs EPS MRS with Plate Side

    509t vs EPS MRS with Plate Front

    509t vs EPS MRS Slide View

    509t vs EPS MRS Slide View Side

    Our opinion

    The Holosun team is knocking it out of the park with their new product lines. Each optic they come out with is getting more advanced. The EPS MRS is a perfect example.

    It’s made out of aluminum but the lower deck height, lighter weight, and better waterproof protection are pretty big advantages! The fact it comes with an RMR adapter plate is a huge bonus too.

    The 509T is a HEAVY DUTY optic. It’s going to give you the most toughness you can get in an enclosed pistol optic. The 1 MOA adjustment is nice too.

    I don’t think we can say one is better than another, because both have different applications for different missions. 

    If we were looking for a nice enclosed emitter optic for our daily carry guns, we’d say the EPS MRS is probably the way to go. But if we were looking for something super rugged and durable, fearing we may be dropping our weapon or getting it knocked around a bunch then we may opt for the 509T.

    What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to share your opinion.

    Buy the 509T At The Best Price Buy the EPS MRS At The Best Price View all EPS & EPS Carry Models

    Adapter Plate Availability 

    As of right now these are the aftermarket adapter plates available for each optic if you were to need one to mount to your specific application.

    509T Adapter Plates

    • CZ P10
    • FN 509
    • FNX 45
    • Glock MOS (not 43x/48)
    • Heckler & Koch VP9 Optic Ready
    • M&P 2.0 CORE
    • Picatinny
    • Picatinny 1/3
    • RMR Footprint
    • Sig P320 RX/Pro Series/AXG
    • Sig P320X (X-FIVE, X-COMPACT, X-CARRY) with RXP ROMEO1 Pro Slide Cut
    • Staccato Duo
    • Walther PDP 1.0/PPQ (Q4/Q5)
     EPS MRS Adapter Plates
    • CZ P10
    • FN 509
    • Glock G43x/48 MOS
    • Glock MOS (not 43x/48)
    • Hellcat
    • Hellcat/RDP/PRO with RMSC Slide Cut
    • M&P Shield 2.0
    • RMR Footprint
    • Shield Plus Optic Ready Variant
    • Sig P320 RX/Pro Series/AXG
    • Staccato Duo
    • Walther PDP 1.0

    IPX8 vs IP67 Waterproof and Dust Proof Rating Explained

    These ratings can be confusing so let's break it down. 

    IP stands for ingress protection which is the measure of how well a product is protected against the entrance of solid or liquid particles, mainly dust and water.

    The first number is the rating against solid particles like dust. The second number is the rating against water. The higher the number the better the protection.

    In the case of the IPX8 rating, the “X” means it hasn’t been tested.

    Here’s a summary:

    IPX8 (EPS MRS) 

    • Dust Protection: X = Not tested
    • Water Protection: 8 (2nd highest rating) = Protected against long periods of immersion in water under pressure.

    IP67 (509T)

    • Dust Protection: 6 (highest rating) = complete protection against dust from enclosure.
    • Water Protection: 7 (3rd highest rating) = Water immersion protection between 15cm (6 inches) and 1M (3.25 feet) for up to 30 minutes.

    It’s a safe bet to say that if the EPS MRS has a higher water protection, it probably also has a higher or equal dust protection as the 509T.

    If water protection is a big concern of yours the EPS MRS may be the way to go.

    comment 6 comments

    Freedom Gorilla calendar_today

    They are awesome optics for sure Jonathan

    JONATHAN MCKECHNIE calendar_today

    I’m an optics junkie. I have a 509T on a Sig 320, EPS Carry on a Sig 365 and another 509T mounted on an ACOG (Forward position as opposed to right above the eye piece). Also a 508 on a Rem 870 mounted to a short Pic rail on the receiver. Durable and dependable products. The Green MRS is the same on all models. The 32 MOA circle with the dot (or not) doesn’t starburst with my astigmatism.

    Freedom Gorilla calendar_today

    Mark now that you mention it I can see in the photos the tint difference. When looking at them in person there was no noticeable difference in glass clarity/hue between the two.

    Mark Koenig calendar_today

    I currently own 509ts and love them. Looking to put wither one of these optics on it. In this article the glass on the 509t looks blue-er then the eps. Are their color or clarity differences?

    Freedom Gorilla calendar_today

    Steven, yes it would. You would just have two plates, the springfield plate > the EPS plate > then the optic. Here is a fitment guide explaining all the XD-M OSP optics https://freedomgorilla.com/blogs/news/7-best-springfield-xd-m-elite-osp-holosun-optics-red-green-dots

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