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Holosun Rifle Optic Cheat Sheet - Easily Learn & Research Every Holosun Rifle Optic

Holosun Rifle Optic Cheat Sheet - Easily Learn & Research Every Holosun Rifle Optic

Choosing the right Holosun Rifle Optic can be confusing. There are so many different models and variations, it's hard to figure out which is best for you. 

We've learned quite a bit after selling lots of Holosun Optics. As a result we've organized all of their rifle optics into easy to read tables and categories below.

To view each series, or each collection just click the appropriate link below. If you still have questions just reach out to us!

403 Series SCRS Series 503 Series 515 Series
20MM Tube Sight 20MM Tube Sight 20MM Tube Sight 20MM Tube Sight
Red, Green, Gold Red, Green Red, Green, Gold Red, Green
6061 Aluminum 7075 Aluminum 6061 Aluminum 7075 Aluminum, Grade 5 Titanium
View All 403 Series View All SCRS Series View All 503 Series View All 515 Series
530 Series 510 Series 512 Series AEMS Series
30MM Tube Sight Large Window Large Window Large Window
Red, Green Red, Green Red, Green Red, Green
Grade 5 Titanium 6061 Aluminum Grade 5 Titanium 6061 Aluminum, 7075 Aluminum
View All 530 Series View All 510 Series View All 512 Series View All AEMS Series

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Choosing between Red or Green Reticles

You may be wondering if you should get a red or green dot reticle. We get this question a lot so I am going to list a few bullet points for you to consider.

  • Green reticles are less straining for the eye to see.
  • Green reticles can help with astigmatism. If you have astigmatism you will see a blurry dot, we have been told by a few customers that Green dots help with their astigmatism, making the dot look more crisp than the red version.
  • Green will not washout on backdrops like green grass, foliage, or green colors.
  • In theory Green dots can have a longer battery life because Green is brighter, so for example a green dot on brightness setting 6 may be the same brightness as a red dot on setting 7 - which would save battery life.

If you want to learn more check out our full article about Red vs Green Dot Pros & Cons here.

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