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Holosun ACSS Vulcan Optics Overview, Benefits, & Comparison to MRS Versions

ACSS Vulcan Overview

One of the first things you’ll notice when shooting a red dot optic is that it can be tricky to “find the dot”. When you draw your pistol and hold it in front of you, it’s possible to see through the optic but not see the dot. With some practice and muscle memory you will improve this, but Primary Arms partnered with Holosun to make an even easier solution with the ACSS Vulcan Reticle.


The Holosun ACSS Vulcan reticle comes in six models which we now carry. They are the 507C Red and Green, the 507K Red and Green, and the 509 Red in an RMR or MOS Footprint.

ACSS Vulcan Models
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The ACSS Vulcan helps you find the dot

The ACSS Vulcan Reticle uses a 10MOA Chevron center dot and a 250 MOA outer ring in the 507C and 509 model and has a 3 MOA Dot and 230 MOA in the 507K Model. The outer ring acts as a guide to help you find the dot.

ACSS Vulcan Reticle 507K vs 507C

With the ACSS reticle when you are perfectly centered you will not see the outer ring, but if you draw the pistol and do not see the dot, you will see the outside of the ring. The goal is to then adjust your grip towards the center of the circle and you will find your dot.

Here is an example of how it works to help you visualize.

ACSS Vulcan Aim Assist

10 MOA Chevron Benefits (507C & 509 Models Only)

BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation)

The ACSS reticle in the 507C and 509 is the 10 MOA Chevron acts as a BDC reticle. For pistols the top of the chevron is for a 25yd zero, bottom of the tip of the chevron is for aiming at 50 yds and the button of the chevron is for 100 yds.

The BDC Reticle can also be used for rifles, in case you wanted to mount this optic on top of a scope or as a standalone.

Here are the BDC compensation charts for both pistols and rifles from Primary Arms.

ACSS Vulcan BDC Chart Pistol and Rifle


The 10 MOA Chevron has a very precise tip. So that tip acts as a very precise aiming point, more precise than a dot.

Astigmatism Benefits

We had someone comment on our youtube channel saying that the 10 MOA Chevron helped with his astigmatism. So when I saw the ACSS Vulcan in person that was the first thing I tested out. 

I have a mild astigmatism so usually a dot looks like a starburst. I will say that the 10 MOA Chevron did look quite clear to me. There was still a little light protrusion, but it was more crisp than a dot and retained its chevron shape very well - I could certainly see the precise tip relatively clearly.

So if astigmatism is a big problem for you when it comes to red dot or green dot optics then check out the 507C ACSS Vulcan or the 509 ACSS Vulcan. That 10 MOA Chevron may be beneficial to your astigmatism.

Similarities with the traditional Holosun MRS versions

All models are almost identical (except for reticle) to their traditional MRS counterparts.

If you are familiar with toggling MRS Reticle, the ACSS Vulcan is similar. You can toggle the outer ring on or off by holding down the “-” button for three seconds. With the outer ring off you will increase the battery life.

Other features like shake awake, side removable battery, solar failsafe & auto brightness (509 & 507C Only), simple controls, and waterproof ratings are all the same. 

Differences worth mentioning

Battery Life

It’s unclear exactly how long the battery life is on the ACSS Vulcan, but Primary Arms states it as 10,001 - 25,000 Hours on the 507C and 509 Versions and 25,001 - 50,000 Hours on the 507K version. This means the 507C/509 are quite lower than their MRS counterparts while the 507K is similar.

The MRS 507C/509T have a battery life of 25,000 to 50,000 hours depending on the reticle you use and the brightness setting. With the ACSS Vulcan it seems as if the 10 MOA center chevron eats up that extra battery life. So we are assuming that with the 250 MOA ring plus 10 MOA Chevron you could expect around 10,000 hrs of battery life. With the traditional MRS Reticle with the 32 MOA Ring and 2 MOA Dot, you would get about 20,000 hours or battery life.

The 507K Vulcan states battery life at 25,000 hrs to 50,000 hrs. This is very similar to the 507K MRS.

509 Differences vs 509T MRS

We also think it’s important to mention that the Holosun 509 ACSS Vulcan is not the same exact optic as the 509T. The 509T is made out of titanium and the 509 ACSS Vulcan is made out of aluminum.

The other big difference is the 509 ACSS Vulcan can not be mounted on a 509T plate. So if you had a 509T cut slide or a 509T picatinny mount or adapter plate the 509 ACSS Vulcan will not fit on it.

That is why there is a 509 ACSS Vulcan with an RMR Mounting plate and one with an MOS Mounting plate.

507K Differences

It’s worth mentioning that the 507K ACSS Vulcan has a dotted outer ring and has a 3 MOA center dot - not a chevron.

This also means that if you wanted just a 3 MOA dot in a K series optic, then this would be a good option for you. The traditional 507K MRS has a 32 MOA ring with a 2 MOA dot and the traditional 407K has a 6 MOA dot, so if you wanted just a 3 MOA dot in a K series optic the 507K ACSS Vulcan would give you that, you would just hold the “-” button down for 3 seconds to turn the dotted outer ring off.


Aside from those important differences we think the ACSS Vulcan is a nice complimentary optic to the Holosun Optics lineup.

Primary Arms states that it can help beginners and experts alike. The version in the 507C and 509 certainly give you extra benefits of BDC which I can see being very helpful in many situations and the tip of the chevron is certainly more precise than a dot.

The outer rings on all models will definitely aid in finding that center dot when you are drawing the weapon and the fact you can turn off the outer ring and just use the Chevron (507C/509) or 3 MOA dot (507K) is pretty cool if all you wanted was just a 10 MOA Chevron or 3MOA dot.

We are happy to now carry these and glad our customers kept asking about them!

If you have anything you’d like to add please leave a comment below and if you have any questions or need help finding the right optic for you reach out to us!

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Thanks for reading!

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