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Top 6 Holosun Optics for the Sig Sauer P322 + How to Install

Best P322 Red Dots

If you're in the market for a full size 22lr optics ready pistol then chances are you are looking at the Sig Sauer P322 or have already acquired one. With a threaded barrel, optics ready slide, 20rd magazine, and street price a little above $400, and the Sig brand name it's an attractive choice.

If you're looking for a list of red dots that are compatible with the P322 and which we personally recommend then you've come to the right place.

*The Sig P322 uses the Shield RMSc footprint - so any red dot that fits that footprint will fit the P322. We won't list every sight that fits that footprint - only what we carry and recommend.

Here are the top 4 red dots we recommend for your Sig P322. These will fit directly onto the P322 without any modification.

1. Holosun 407K X2

The Holosun 407K X2 is our best seller. It's the most affordable Holosun micro red dot sight. It has a 6 MOA dot, Shake Awake technology, a 7075 aluminum housing, side battery for easy replacement, numerous brightness settings including 2 for night vision, and touts a 50,000 hr battery life.

It's easy to install and comes with Holosun's 3 year warranty.

407k X2 Red Dot

Read our full 407K review here.

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2. Holosun 507K X2

The Holosun 507K X2 is another great option. It has the exact same specs as the 407K X2 except it has a different reticle. The 507K X2 has a 32 MOA Circle with 2 MOA Dot. It's a pretty cool reticle, some people say the larger circle makes it easier to find when drawing the pistol.

Another cool feature is you can toggle the reticle. So you can use the 32 MOA Circle plus the 2 MOA Dot or you can show only the 32 MOA Circle or you can show only the 2 MOA Dot.

One thing to note is that when using the 32 MOA Circle and 2 MOA Dot combo reticle, battery life is rated at 20,000 hrs instead of 50,000.

The 507K X2 is also more expensive than the 407K X2.

507K X2 Red Dot

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3 & 4. Holosun 407K GR X2 & Holosun 507K GR X2

Holosun also makes the 407K & 507K with Green Dot Reticles. The specs are the same as their red dot counterpart, the only difference is instead of a "Red" colored reticle they have a "Green" reticle. The Green versions are a little more expensive than their red counterparts but if you like a green reticle they are a great choice.

I've looked at the green and red dot sights personally and I like both. The green is cool, they say it's easier to see, I personally don't have any issues seeing green or red. But if you are looking for something a little more vibrant and also "cool" then the green dot sights are worth taking a look at.

407K X2 Green Dot

Read our full 407K review here.

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507K X2 Green Dot

Read our full 507K review here.

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5. Holosun 507K ACSS Vulcan Green & Red Dot

Holosun 507K ACSS Vulcan

Buy the 507K ACSS Vulcan At The Best Price

The 507K ACSS Vulcan is exactly like the 507K except is has the ACSS Vulcan reticle. This reticle has a 230 MOA dotted outer ring and a 3 MOA center dot.

The purpose of this reticle is to help you find the center dot quickly if you are off center. To learn more about the ACSS Vulcan check out our article here.

The dotted outer ring can be turned off by holding down the "-" button for 3 seconds.

The main advantage of the ACSS Vulcan reticle is to be able to find the center dot quickly when drawing the pistol.

All the features are the same as the 507K except for the reticle, and this is available in both red & green.

Read our full 507K ACSS review here.

6. Holosun EPS Carry - Closed Emitter Option


The EPS Carry is very similar to the 407K and 507K except it has one major difference, it is an enclosed emitter optic.  

This means the laser emitter is protected by a hood. So dirt, mud, or debris will never get in the way of the emitter to distort the reticle. 


  • MRS Reticle or 2 MOA Reticle or 6 MOA Reticle 
  • Shake Awake
  • 50,000 Hr Battery Life
  • Removable Side Battery
  • IPX8 Waterproof
  • 8 Daylight Brightness Settings and 4 Night Vision
  • Aluminum Housing
  • Enclosed Emitter

The EPS Carry comes in red or green reticles.

There are 3 versions of the EPS Carry. 

A 2 MOA Dot, 6 MOA Dot, and MRS version.

The MRS version has a solar panel on it which acts as a solar fail safe to power the reticle of the battery dies. It also gives you an extra auto brightness feature which can be toggled on or off. 

Read our full EPS Carry review here.

Buy the EPS Carry At The Best Price

BONUS: How To Install The 407k/507k On To The P322

Choosing between Red or Green Reticles

You may be wondering if you should get a red or green dot reticle. We get this question a lot so I am going to list a few bullet points for you to consider.

  • Green reticles are less straining for the eye to see.
  • Green reticles can help with astigmatism. If you have astigmatism you will see a blurry dot, we have been told by a few customers that Green dots help with their astigmatism, making the dot look more crisp than the red version.
  • Green will not washout on backdrops like green grass, foliage, or green colors.
  • In theory Green dots can have a longer battery life because Green is brighter, so for example a green dot on brightness setting 6 may be the same brightness as a red dot on setting 7 - which would save battery life.

If you want to learn more check out our full article about Red vs Green Dot Pros & Cons here.

Choosing between Open vs Closed Emitters

The simplest way we can break down open vs closed emitters is to look at how you plan on carrying the pistol. If you plan on being outdoors in the elements with rain, snow, sleet, then a closed emitter will be beneficial.

If you plan on carrying OWB most of the time and plan on being outside then closed emitter would be beneficial.

If you plan on carrying IWB or don't plan on being outside using your red dot in the pouring rain or heavy snow then an open reflex is fine.

Open reflexes will still work in the rain or snow but the closed emitter will give you extra peace of mind.

An open reflex can collect dust and debris on the inside of the reticle over time, so you'll want to clean it out from time to time. An enclosed emitter is easier to clean in this aspect.

To learn more about Open vs Closed emitters you can check out our Open vs Closed Emitter Guide here.

How to decide which reticle style is best for you

In this guide we covered a few different reticle options. If you need some help deciding which is best for you here are some of our thoughts on each.

  • 2 MOA only (EPS Carry 2 MOA): This dot is quite small which makes it precise. The downside is that it can be hard to “pick up” upon drawing the weapon. If you are experienced shooting red dot sights on pistols then this may not be an issue for you. If you are new, we recommend you practice “finding the dot” at home to become proficient. If you can train your muscle memory to find the dot then 2 MOA is a great choice.
  • 6 MOA only (407KEPS Carry 6 MOA): This dot is decently larger than the 2 MOA dot. We classify this as more user friendly than the 2 MOA dot as it’s a bit easier to pick up upon drawing. The 6 MOA dot will not be as precise as the 2 MOA dot at long distances (50+ yards) but it is still plenty accurate at all distance ranges. The 6 MOA dot is a nice size and it gives you a less cluttered reticle. Some people prefer it over the MRS.
  • MRS Reticle (32 MOA Ring + 2 MOA Dot) (507K, EPS Carry MRS: This reticle is a good combination of both large and small. You have the 2 MOA dot to be precise with, and the 32 MOA Ring to help “find the dot”. The 32 MOA Circle is quite hard to miss. The nice thing about this reticle is the flexibility. You can use the 32 MOA Ring only or the 2 MOA dot only or both together. This way you can find what you prefer and stick to it.
  • ACSS Vulcan with 3 MOA Dot and 230 MOA Dotted Outer Ring (507K ACSS Vulcan): This reticle is going to have a 3 moa dot and the 230 MOA dotted outer ring. The outer ring is only visible when the dot is not centered. The purpose is to help you find the dot quicker upon drawing the weapon. The 3 MOA dot give you a slightly larger dot than the 2 MOA dot, but it’s not that noticeable. The real value to this reticle is the outer ring and it’s assistance with helping you get on target faster by quickly adjusting your grip to “find the dot”



We hope you found this guide helpful and informative. You can't go wrong with any of the optics listed here.

If you have any questions please reach out to us on chat.

Thank you for reading!

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Ross Dillon calendar_today

I have the 507K on both of my carry weapons. The 32MOA circle its perfect for center of mass targets at a typical self-defense range (3-7 yards)

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