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Best 1-6x Rifle Scopes

Below are some of the best 1-6x Rifle Scopes on the market. At Freedom Gorilla we take research very seriously. We analyze and research hundreds of rifle scopes and brands. Our goal is to sift through the noise and bring you our best recommendations.

Below we consider these some of the best 1-6x scopes you can spend your money on. These are a great bang for your buck in terms of quality, reliability, and brand support.

1-6x scopes are some of the most popular and tried and true LPVO optics. The 1x range is great for close up encounters, and the 6x is enough magnification to shoot well past 100 yards. 1-6x is also a very common range and can accommodate the use of cheaper quality glass therefore making some options more affordable than a 1-8x or 1-10x.

If you did want a higher magnification we recommend checking out 1-8x or 1-10x models.

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