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Holosun EPS and Carry Review [PLUS 507k Comparison]

Holosun EPS and Carry Review [PLUS 507k Comparison]

Hello this is Mark from FreedomGorilla and today we’re going to be covering the hottest new optics, the Holosun EPS and EPS Carry. In this post we’ll discuss the different options you can find in the EPS line, how they compare to the K series, and what you should consider when buying one. 

The hardest to find Holosun optic is here at FreedomGorilla so we wanted to take a deep dive and explore the different options of EPS optics. 

Essentially Holosun’s EPS line boils down to different sizes and reticles which affect features and the overall price. 

There is a full sized EPS optic and the smaller EPS called the Carry. The full sized as you can imagine is for full sized pistols and the Carry is for the smaller subcompact pistols. Although both do have the same footprint, so you can put a full sized EPS on a smaller pistol and vise-versa if you wanted to. 

Speaking of footprints, both have the same footprint as the Holosun K series. So if you wanted to upgrade your 407k or 507k, you wouldn’t have to worry if it fits. 

EPS and 507k Footprint

Other differences include what style of reticle you want to have. There are options for just a 2MOA dot, or just a 6MOA dot, or you could get the multi-reticle system. The multi-reticle system features the standard 2MOA dot plus 32MOA ring, 2MOA dot only, and 32MOA ring in that order. 

Solar FailSafe on EPS MRS

If you choose the MRS option, you also get Solar FailSafe. The Solar FailSafe uses a dual power system of the solar cell and an internal CR1620 battery. The battery can power the device up to 12,000 hours on circle+dot, or 50,000 hours using a dot only on setting 6. This means the battery can stay on for 500 days straight using the circle-dot and 2,083 days using just the dot. Quick note here this is a CR1620 battery, whereas most of Holosun optics are CR1632, so if you have stocked up on backup batteries, add a CR1620 battery to your stockpile. 

All reticle options are available in red and green. So there’s plenty of ways to mix-and-match exactly what you’d want in an optical, which is great. But take note that all the different options result in different price points as well. If you want just a dot, it’ll be cheaper than the MRS. If you want red instead of green it’ll be cheaper too. The EPS vs EPS Carry will also affect price. 

Other features include the shakeawake technology which turns the optic on when you pick up your pistol. It’ll also automatically turn off after 10 minutes of no motion. The housing is made of aircraft grade 7075 T6 aluminum. Most importantly, it features the lowest deck height, so you can use standard height iron sights on many pistol models. 

It looks like the Carry also has an integrated rough rear sight notch where the standard EPS does not.

Rear Notch on EPS Carry

And for brightness levels it has 8 daylight and 4 night vision compatible, which is 2 more night vision modes than Holosun’s other pistol optics. 

Now as far as dimensions go, here is the difference in overall size, weight, and window size. 


  • 1.62×1.19×0.99
  • 1.4oz
  • 0.63x0.91


  • 1.62×1.07×0.95
  • 1oz
  • 0.58x0.77

So it appears that the EPS weights .4oz more, is wider and taller, and obviously has a bigger window size.

To me it seems like the deciding factors would be window size, desired reticle, and overall cost. Personally I’m going to get a 6MOA Green Carry for my Beretta APX A1 Carry. I like the 6MOA better than the 2MOA, but it really all comes down to your personal preference. 

Next I want to take a look at how the Carry compares to a 507k. Biggest difference is the EPS Carry is an enclosed emitter, and the 507k is an open emitter. Essentially that means that the EPS has a hood and extra lens here to prevent rain, snow, or lint from blocking the emitter and causing it to not display the dot properly. 

EPS and 507K Comparison

So the 507k dimensions are:

  • 1.6x0.98x0.95
  • 1oz
  • 0.58x0.77

Honestly it's pretty similar, the window size is the same, it weighs the same, the Carry is just slightly bigger. So between the two it really comes down to do you want the extra features the EPS carries like the Solar FailSafe and enclosed emitter.

As of right now the EPS and Carry are extremely hard to come across, I’ve heard that Holosun ramped up supply so they should be easier to find pretty soon. As for now, you can check out FreedomGorilla.com and reach out if you have any questions. Let us know in the comments if you are planning to upgrade your 407k or 507k to the new EPS line!


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Freedom Gorilla calendar_today

Pat the G48 and G19/17 are two different MOS platforms. The G48 has an RMSc on the slide, so you would need an adapter plate mount the holosun 407/507k or EPS Carry. Or you would have to grind down the rear recoil lugs.

For your G19 and G17, same thing, you would need to get an adapter plate or you would have to find your RMSc plate that came with your MOS and grind down the rear recoil lugs.

Patrick Kerr calendar_today

I run a Glock Gen 5 MOS G19 and G17, and a MOS G48 for my LE duty and off-duty guns, what mounting plates do I need for the Holosun closed emitter models? Thanks. Pat Kerr

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