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Holosun Magnifier: Adding a Spacer and Adjusting the Flip Direction

Holosun Magnifier: Adding a Spacer and Adjusting the Flip Direction

Hello, optic enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the world of the Holosun Magnifier. If you've recently purchased one, you might have noticed that it doesn't align perfectly with some optics right out of the box. But don't fret! We're here to guide you through the process of installing a spacer to achieve the correct height and adjusting which side the magnifier flips to.

The Problem: Upon unboxing, some users have observed that the lens of the magnifier is slightly lower than their optics. This misalignment can be easily corrected by adding a spacer, which is included with the magnifier so no additional costs are needed.

Installing the Spacer:

  1. Removing the Magnifier: If the magnifier is on your rifle, use the quick release feature by pressing the button at the bottom of the magnifier, which allows the magnifier to come right off.
  2. Accessing the Spacer Area: To access the area where the spacer needs to be placed, fold the magnifier. You'll find a spot right below the magnifier where the spacer fits.
  3. Unscrewing the Bracket: Use the provided multi tool that comes with the magnifier to unscrew the bracket. The spacer you need is conveniently included in the box.
  4. Flipping the Direction (Optional): If you wish to change the flip direction of the magnifier, this is the time to do it. Simply flip the bracket, and the magnifier will now open on the opposite side
  5. Attaching the Spacer: Use the longer set of screws (included in the box) for this step. Align the spacer with the part of the magnifier where it's supposed to fit. Insert the new screws and tighten them.

Once the spacer is added, it will provide the extra height needed to align the magnifier perfectly with your optics.

One last tip: If you ever find the magnifier's view to be out of focus, there's a simple fix. Adjust the clarity by twisting the small part at the back of the magnifier.

If you have any questions about the Holosun Magnifier or need further assistance, drop a comment below and visit Freedom Gorilla for the best deals and free shipping on optics!



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