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Holosun 407K/507K X2 vs EPS Carry Size Comparison - Photos + Video

Holosun EPS Carry vs 407k/507K Size Comparison Photos and Video

Hi Freedom Gorillas, we get asked sometimes what the size difference is between the Holosun 407K/507K and the EPS Carry.

Simply put they are almost identical in everyway except the EPS Carry is a little bit wider.

Here is a video and some photos comparing the size differences.

You'll notice that the main difference is the width. Technically speaking the deck height on the EPS Carry is about 1MM shorter than the 407K/507K as well.

Rear View

Pictures don't do it justice, but the deck height on the EPS Carry is slightly lower than the 407K/507K. Also the window is slightly wider, everything else is almost the same.

Holosun 407K/507K vs EPS Carry Rear View

 Side View

When you see them side by side, the EPS Carry almost seems like its made from the same mold of the 407K/507K just with a hood added. I don't believe this is the exact situation but you can see they are very similar.

Holosun 407K/507K vs EPS Carry Side View

 Top View

From the top it's easier to see that the EPS Carry is a little wider than the 407K/507K. This means if your 407K/507K is currently flush on your slide, the EPS Carry may have slight overhang to it when mounted.

Holosun 407K/507K vs EPS Carry Top View


We hope you found this helpful. If you have any other questions please reach out to us.

Thanks for reading!

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