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Athlon Ares Rifle Scopes

The Athlon Optics Ares BTR Gen2 family of scopes has the best HD glass available, are used for LRP (long range precision) target shooting and long range hunting. They are FFP (first focal plane) and have illuminated, floating dot reticles. They share the same HD glass as the Midas TAC scopes. These are the very best HD glass level scopes in the line and great for low light shooting.

The Athlon Optics Ares ETR rifle scopes utilize UHD glass with top tier coatings. These scopes are a step up from the Ares BTR Gen2 scopes. They are FFP with illuminated reticles available in MIL and MOA versions. They have precision zero stops and high quality turrets with tactile and audible clicks. They have superior tracking and are designed for ELR (extreme long range) target shooting and long range hunting. The ETR scopes are very close to the Cronus BTR scopes in quality and precision, but they cost hundreds of dollars less. These scopes are competition level scopes.

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