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Holosun HM3XT (Titanium) & HM3X (Aluminum) 3X Magnifiers and 510C/403C Magnifier Combos

Below you will find all of Holosuns Magnifiers and Magnifier Combos. The HM3XT is a titanium magnifier and the HM3X is an aluminum version. Both are 3X magnification, have crystal clear glass, quick disconnect mounts, easy flip to side mounts, and have good eye relief.

The titanium version is stronger and shorter.

There are also two red dot + magnifier combos. You can get the HM3X (aluminum magnifier) with a 510C or a 403C. Buying both together saves you about $30 vs buying both separately. They come packaged together in a case.

Here's our video comparison of the titanium HM3XT vs aluminum HM3X magnifier: 

Here's our video comparison between the 403C and 510C Magnifier Combos:

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