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Holosun SCS - Every New Model Coming Out In 2023

Holosun SCS - Every New Model Coming Out In 2023

SHOT Show 2023 has come and passed, and with that we’ve learned about the new collection of SCS green dot sights that Holosun is coming out with. So let’s examine which pistols are lucky enough to have their own Holosun optic. 

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First I want to start off with what does SCS even mean, because I know it confuses a lot of new people. 

SCS is a term Holosun came up with and it simply means Solar Charging Sight. And that’s referring to the sights’ internal rechargeable battery that gives it essentially an unlimited lifespan. 


The way the battery works is when ambient lighting is insufficient, the SCS is powered by the internal battery. And when the ambient lighting is sufficient, the solar cell automatically charges the internal battery. So the solar panel on the green dot charges the battery instead of supplementing it, like the C series. 

Image showing solar panel capabilities of a SCS optics and its recharge efficiency

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The SCS optics do not have shakeawake technology, so I know some people are going to have battery fears, BUT in the most extreme case, 12 micro-amp-hours of power will be consumed when the circle-dot mode is used for 10 hours and the SCS can charge 100 micro-amp-hours when charging outside for 1 hour. So essentially what that boils down to is the rate of charge is much higher than the power consumption rate. So during normal use there is no need to worry about battery consumption. 


Now there are SCS models out right now, and those are the for the : 

  • Full-sized Glock MOS pistols 
  • Smith & Wesson M&P-M2.0 9mm & 40S&W handguns


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And quick note - the Glock will not fit the slim version pistols so the 43 and 48 MOS, and the Smith & Wesson will not fit the 1.0 or Shield models. 


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And as mentioned before, during the 2023 SHOT show Holosun announced new versions of the popular SCS which include the Sig P320, HK VP9, and the Walther PDP 2.0. They did also announce a rifle version as well, but we’ll cover that in near future on our Youtube channel

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That's pretty exciting, I’m sure as these roll out that more variations will be made too, they could make one for literally all the popular optics-ready pistols if they wanted.


Now let’s take a quick look at some other features the SCS has that makes it unique. It offers the lowest profile deck height which allows you to use the standard-height iron sights, which is a very nice feature to have.

Next, the dot only has 1 button unlike the K and C Holosun series. This one button powers the green dot on and off, as well as changes the reticle and brightness. To power on the SCS you long press the button for 1 second. By default the 2 MOA dot + 32 MOA circle will show. To cycle through the different reticle options and turn off the dot, you long press the button again. First it’s the default dot-circle, then it’s just the 2 MOA dot, followed by just the 32 MOA circle, and when pressed one last time the SCS will power off.

Image of a profile of SCS optics showing brightness override button on the side

You could also override the brightness of the SCS with the same button. Like the 407C/507C the SCS uses an auto brightness setting that automatically adjusts to your environment. If the brightness level is insufficient, you can quickly press the button, which overrides the auto brightness and kicks up the brightness a few levels. This will automatically deactivate after 30 minutes. If you want to cancel before 30 minutes is up, press the button again and it’ll go back to auto brightness. 

Animated image showing MRS green dot variations

Some other high level things to note are it only comes in a green dot, maybe the red dot will come in the future. And the Glock MOS version has a titanium housing, but the rest have an aluminum housing. 


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Overall it’s cool to see exciting things come from Holoson over the SHOT Show week. We’ll be making additional videos and blogposts to cover other announcements they had as well. 

But for now the MOS and MP2 are in stock at FreedomGorilla.com. If you want to learn more about the Holosun lineup, make sure to check out the next blogpost as well as our Youtube channel @freedomgorilla1. 

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you next time Freedom Gorillas. 

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