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Canik METE Optics & Adapter Plates

Below are the best Holosun Red & Green dot sights and adapter plates you can put on your Canik METE Optics Ready model. This includes the Canik METE SFT, Canik METE SFX, Canik METE SF, Canik METE SFT Pro, Canik METE SFX Pro, and Canik Signature Series METE SFT Miami.

To learn more about each optic an how to mount them read our Canik METE Optics Fitment Guide here.

To mount the RMR footprint optics you will need the Calculated Kintetics Canik METE RMR Plate. To mount the modified RMSc footprint optics you will need the Calculated Kinetics Canik METE K Series Adapter Plate (recommended) or you can mount these directly on your slide (not recommended) or you can modify your polymer adapter plate included with your METE (acceptable) to fit these on your pistol. Read the adapter plate section our guide to learn more.

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