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Holosun 407K X2 Resource Page

Everything you need to know about the Holosun 407K X2

Holosun 407K X2 Fitment & Unboxing

Quick Summary of the Holosun 407K X2

The Holosun 407K X2 is the most budget friendly Holosun Micro Pistol Optic. It comes in red or green reticles and has a 6 MOA dot. It's made out of 7075 T6 Aluminum, has 50K hours of battery life, is IP67 Waterproof, has a side removable battery, and has Shake Awake.

If you are looking for a high value optic at a great price this is a great choice.

Holosun 407K X2 Fitment Information

Direct Fit For

Adapter Plate Required For

If your pistol needs an adapter plate it's because it has an RMSc footprint. Learn more about RMSc vs K Series footprints here.

Don't see your model listed? Check out our Fitment Guides Here.

  • Holosun 407K X2 Red dot on Glock 43X MOS with Streamlight TLR7
    Holosun 407K X2 Red on SW M&P Shield with custom optics cut slide
  • Holosun 407K X2 Green on Glock 43x MOS with adapter plate and streamlight tlr7 sub
    Holosun 407K X2 Green on Ruger Max 9 in holster
  • Holosun 407K X2 red dot on SW Equalizer
  • Holosun 407K X2 red dot on SW M&P 5.7 with Holosun PID
    Holosun 407K X2 red dot on SW M&P 5.7 with Holosun PID 2
  • Holosun 407K X2 red dot on Canik SFX Rival Trophy Edition

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Holosun 407K X2 - Frequently Asked Questions

Tighten the screws to 15 inch/lbs using screws with a non-permanent thread locker, like blue Loctite.
You press and release either brightness button to turn on the sight (“+” or “-”)
Press and hold both brightness buttons simultaneously to the turn the power and motion sensor off, this will also disable the Shake Awake feature.
To turn lock mode on: Hold the “+” brightness button for 3 seconds, the LED will blink once to activate Lock Mode.

To turn lock mode off: To turn off Lock Mode hold the “+” brightness button for 3 seconds, the LED will blink once to confirm Lock Mode is deactivated.

Holosun 407K X2 - Installation Instructions and Manuals

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