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    Sig Sauer P320, M17, M18 Optics, Filler Plates, and Adapter Plates

    Below are the best Optics, Filler Plates, and Adapter Plates we recommend for the Sig P320 platform including the M17 and M18. If you have a new P320. M17, or M18 any of the RMR optics can mount on the slide but we recommend using a filler plate for added security. If you plan on mounting a "K" series optic like the 407K, 507K, or EPS Carry, you'll need the correct adapter plate.

    --> To View Sig P320, M17, M18 Adapter Plates Click Here

    We recommend you read our Sig P320 M17, M18 Optics Fitment Guide to learn more about the different slide cuts the Sig P320 has if you have a model that is from 2020 or earlier.

    These optics and adapter and filler plates are for the M17, M18, Legion, XTEN, AXG, XCarry, XCompact, Spectre, X5, Etc but you must know what slide cut you have for compatibility. So make sure you read our guide!

    If you still need help please reach out to us on chat.

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