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Wilson Combat 1911 Optics - Red & Green Dot Sights

Below are the best Holosun red & green dot sights you can mount on your Wilson Combat 1911 variant. You need to make sure you have the RMR adapter plate from Wilson Combat and that your gun has their True Zero Optic System.

To have your Wilson Combat 1911 converted to their True Zero Optic system reach out to them here

These optics are offered at the lowest price with free shipping.

To learn more about each one read our Wilson Combat 1911 Optics Fitment Guide here.

These optics will fit any Wilson Combat 1911 with an RMR adapter plate as long as it has their True Zero Optic System. This includes: 40th Anniversary CQB Elite Model,45th Anniversary CQB,ACP COMMANDER,ACP COMPACT,ACP Full Size,BCM Gunfighter 1911,CA Classic,CA Classic Supergrade,CA CQB,CA CQB Compact,CA CQB Lightrail,CA Elite Professional,CA Professional,CA Protector,CA Stealth,CA Tactical Elite,CA Tactical Supergrade,CQB,CQB Optics Ready,CQB Commander,CQB Commander Compact,CQB Compact,CQB Elite,CQB Elite Carry,CQB Elite Commander,CQB Elite Compact,CQB Elite Professional,EDC X9,EDC X9 Optics Ready,EDC X9 3.25″,EDC X9L,eXperior 5″ Double Stack,eXperior Commander Double Stack,eXperior Compact Double Stack,Professional Elite,Protector Elite,SFT9 HC 4.25” Solid Frame TRAK 15RD,SFX9 HC 3.25” Solid Frame X-TAC – 15 Round,SFX9 HC 3.25″ Solid Frame X-TAC – 10 Round,SFX9 HC 4” Solid Frame X-TAC – 15 Round,SFX9 HC 5″ Solid Frame X-TAC 15RD,Supergrade Commander Special,Tactical Supergrade,Tactical Supergrade Compact,Tactical Supergrade Professional,X-TAC Elite,X-TAC Elite Carry Comp,X-TAC Elite Carry Comp Professional,X-TAC Elite Commander,X-TAC Elite Compact,X-TAC Elite Professional,X-TAC Elite Sentinel,X-TAC Supergrade,X-TAC Supergrade Commander,X-TAC Supergrade Compact,X-TAC Supergrade Professional

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